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the immersive night stroll of the Abbey

From July 2nd to August 27th, 2022

If the Mount could tell its story

In 2022, discover a brand new show at the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey, narrated by famous French history lover Stéphane Bern!

Designed for the first time by Martin Arnaud, an immersive stroll combining audio, sound and light effects.

The night stroll of the Abbey

After four years of the Chronicles of the Mount, Amaclio is glad to propose a brand new night show at the Abbey of the Mont-Saint-Michel.

The 2022 Edition

A brand new show!

With the immersive night stroll "Si le Mont m'était conté" (If the Mount were told to me), discover the multisecular history of the Mont-Saint-Michel. This amazing rock surrounded by the sea has a great story to tell: come and find out more about it!

- Stéphane Bern, famous French history lover, is the narrator of the story

- With a brand new scenography, by renowned show designer Martin Arnaud

- A headset allows you to enjoy the audio narrative, in addition to the musical and light animations

For the fifth year in a row, the French institution the Centre des monuments nationaux trusts Amaclio Productions to creat, direct and produce the summer night stroll of the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey.

  • 2022 edition

    a brand new show

  • Stéphane Bern


  • Audio and visual

    immersive stroll

  • 200 000+

    delighted visitors


Stéphan Bern

famous French history lover

New in 2022

With headset

an immersive audio stroll

A fresh look

If the Mount could tell its story

listen to the tale of the Abbey

Discover the new version of the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey night stroll!


Stéphane Bern

Journalist, writer, TV presenter, radio host, producer and actor, Stéphane Bern has published about thirty books about history and heritage. He has founded and runs the Stéphane Bern Foundation for History and Heritage (at the Institut de France).

He presents every year a History and a Heritage award to the winners.

In 2022, he plays the narrator for the audio material of the night stroll.

Show designer

Martin Arnaud

Conceptor and show designer, Martin Arnaud has been working wolrdwide for 25 years in the events field. Renowned and talented, he has put together sports and history-related great shows, but also multitechnological events for a large audience in various countries (e.g. Brazil, Qatar, Mexico, Spain...). He masters the creation of innovative and original contents to entertain a large public.

He is the show designer of the new night stroll. He imagines, creates and puts to life the night show "If the Mount could tell its story".

Director and producer

Amaclio Productions

Since 2012, the French company Amaclio Productions creates prestigious shows for an ever-bigger audience in emblematic French historic monuments.

Amaclio Productions creates, produces and sets events. The firm has been created by François NICOLAS, entrepreneur in love with history and literature, and by Bruno Seillier, director and scriptwriter, and it is specialized in the showcase of our heritage.

Amaclio Productions’ shows generate emotion and enchantment, and invite the spectator to broaden his knowledge of the landmark and its history.

The Centre des monuments nationaux 

The Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

Located at the top of the Mount Saint-Michel in Normandy, France, the Abbey is a well-known place for tourists and pilgrims since the Middle Ages. This ancient monument offers  a diversity of architectural styles, as its construction began in the 10th century, continuing up to the 19th century restorations. It is a great example of the local Gothic style. In 1874 the site has been declared historical monument. Since 1979, the whole of Mount Saint-Michel is also a World Heritage UNESCO site.

Today the place is managed by the French public institution the Centre des monuments nationaux, which has opened the abbey and its 20 rooms to the public.