Mont-Saint-Michel becomes an island again: a breathtaking natural spectacle not to be missed!

From August 2 to 5, a high tidal range is forecast, transforming the Mont into a majestic island, surrounded by the sparkling waters of the English Channel.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to observe the exceptionally high tides that will transform Mont-Saint-Michel into a majestic island, adding a touch of magic to your visit.

To help you plan your Nocturnes de l'abbaye experience, here's some important information:

Wednesday, August 02:

Submergence of the Porte des Fanils between 8.15pm and 9.20pm

8.10pm shuttle service cancelled

Thursday, 03 August:

Flooding of the Fanils gate between 8.45pm and 10.30pm

Le Mont will be an island between 9.10pm and 10.00pm

10:20 pm shuttle service cancelled

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience a magical moment in the heart of Mont-Saint-Michel, and let yourself be enchanted by the splendor of this majestic island.