Amaclio Productions

Since 2012, Amaclio Productions has created prestigious shows for an ever-bigger audience in emblematic French historic monuments.

Amaclio Productions creates, produces and sets events. The firm has been created by François NICOLAS, entrepreneur in love with history and literature, and by Bruno Seillier, director and scriptwriter, and it is specialized in the showcase of our heritage.

Amaclio Productions’ shows generate emotion and enchantment, and invite the spectator to broaden its knowledge of the landmark and its history.

Our mission is to invite people to love history, by magnifying the European heritage.  

La Nuit aux Invalides,a monumental video show, has gathered more than 500 000 spectators for 8 seasons. With the 9th edition ofLa Nuit aux Invalides, called «Napoléon - The Flight of the Eagle», come and rediscover the phenomenal journey of a man that made Europe breathe at his rhythm for twenty years.

Les Chroniques du Mont is a night stroll at the heart of the Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey. Created in 2018, it has since gathered 150 000 spectators.

Les Luminessences d’Avignon, another monumental 360° video show projected in the main court of the Palace of the Popes in Avignon gathered more than 350 000 people. This show was unique due to its massive size. It took place every summer between 2013 and 2017.

La Conquête de l’Air was a show created in April 2016 in honor of Dassault, and it traced this French aerial adventure. About 25 000 spectators enjoyed this 360° supersonic show in the nave of the Paris Grand Palais. Latest technologies, archive scenes, special effects, videos of planes in flight, and a unique soundtrack told 100 years of aeronautical achievements. Three legendary planes became the actors of this scenery created by Bruno Seillier.

La Cité des pierres vivantes is a night stroll inside the City of Carcassonne. Since its creation in 2018, 90 000 spectators have come.

Since 2018, Amaclio has gathered more than one million spectators, becoming one of the major cultural actor.